11 gorgeous boutique experiences north of Townsville

Posted on 26th August 2016

Mercer lane Mosaic

Ingham Re-Imagined

Over the past decade artisans and entreprenuers have revitalised Ingham's CBD to present an eclectic boutique shopping experience unparrelled in North Queensland. 

Today, Ingham captures the imagination with its stunning diversity of public art and collection of gorgeous boutiques shops, Italian inspired delicatessens, markets, cafes, art gallerieslocal produce stores, walking trails and world class urban based nature experiences 

Read on to discover 11 beautiful boutiuque experiences you never knew existed in Ingham!

I Love

1. Beautiful Dresses

Ingham's diversity of boutiques are constantly curated to deliver the quintessentail vogue collection of dresses and accessories.   It's no surprise that many customers regularly travel long distances to indulge in their Hinchinbrook boutique shopping experience.

Tonys Foodland

2. Sample Italian Inspired Delicatessens

Ingham’s Italian inspired delicatessens are the ultimate foodie’s destination in North Queensland. Immerse yourself in the aromas of imported and local produce and stock up your pantry with the very best local produce and imported Italian delicacies

Flori with love

3. High Tea amongst the Flowers

Flowers and delicious tea or coffee go hand in hand. Enjoy the aromas of flowers in tranquil settings with your friends, whilst enjoying an extra little treat. Unwind with a little bit of elegance!

Damree Honey

4. Delicious Local Produce

Exploding with flavour, guided by rich cultural influences with produce garnered from farm gate and backyard plots.

With the freshest daily seafood and Italian inspired delicatessen’s you will be delighted with the morsels made with love that’ll dance on your taste buds.  The must do experiences are sampling the local produce (mushrooms, honey, seafood and homemade pasta)

5. Elegant Diamonds

Hinchinbrook's House of Harvey is home to some of the world's finest hand crafted diamonds cut from Gabi Tolkowsky, one of the globes most respected, leading diamond cutters.  With a range of large and small diamonds, peering into the centre of the precision cut stones is like looking into a world of its own.  Diamond lovers will appreciate the art and craftsmanship showcased by such a stunning range.

Mercer Lane

6. Stunning Artworks

The centre of the Hinchinbrook Shire is Ingham, and although it is small in size, the art scene packs a serious punch of talent and diversity. Relax at the TYTO Regional Art Gallery and be impressed by the challenging surreal art at Ingham Art Gallery.  Marvel at some of the permenant art installations throughout our streets, as you make your way through the town.  

Don’t forget to check out the incredible Mercer Lane Mosaic installation.  Located next to JKs Deli, the art installation involved over 3000 people to create.

7. Find Stylish Shoes

We leave footprints everywhere we go and choosing the right shoes is about deciding what impressions you want to leave with your presence.  Shoes have the power to lift your mood for your special occasion, whether it be a date with Prince Charming or a day out at the races with your friends.  If you’re looking for something to compliment your unique style, Hinchinbrook has beautiful options for you.

8. Explore Colourful Markets

Our local markets have a friendly atmosphere created by locals and are a perfect wayto explore the ways of Hinchinbrook. Local arts and crafts, fresh produce, plants and bric-a-brac, BBQ, raffles and kids activities are some of many things found within the markets.

9. The Best Coffee in North Queensland

It’s easy to say that Ingham is not Rome, but when it comes to coffee the passion is the same.  Coffee lovers can rest assured that their coffee experience will be smooth right to the last drop.

Spread out across the main street of Ingham, our local baristas hone their craft for you to try the finest coffee Ingham has to offer.

10. Be Pampered

No day out is complete without some pampering. Hinchinbrook offers a large range of beauty shops with business owners that love doing what they do. All you need to do is let your worries melt away, relax and enjoy the service.

11. A Beautiful Picnic in Nature

Hinchinbrook's beautiful waterfalls and picnic areas are the perfect places to escape

It’s common for visitors heading to Wallaman Falls, Broadwater, Jourama Falls or even the TYTO picnic area, to pop into our delicatessens and order picnics to go.  The depth of flavours is a great option for anyone looking to add a little bit extra to their nature experiences.