5 Hinchinbrook places to touch wild

Posted on 21st January 2021

Home of the Nywaigi, Warrgamaygan and Bandjin Peoples

The Hinchinbrook Shire has an abundance of natural attractions that will reset your mind, body and soul.

We have some of the best walking tracks, waterfalls, swimming holes and bush walks that will make you strap on your backpack, grab the camera and explore the outdoors.

Nature lovers, it is time to broaden your horizon and immerse youself in an experience that will make life long memories.

Wallaman Falls

This 268m towering beauty is situated within Girringun National Park, an hour’s drive west from Ingham. Australia’s highest, single drop waterfall is a sight not to be missed. The easily accessible lookout is a great vantage point to bear witness to Wallaman’s thunderous roar (best heard between November to April) or to take in the tranquil surrounds. For the more adventurous and to truly appreciate the magnitude of these falls, the steep trek to the base will leave you in awe (2hrs).

Hinchinbrook Island

Exclusively National Park and fringed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park waters, Hinchinbrook Island remains relatively untouched. Shaped over millennia by the elements, this island does not show its age! With no resorts or vehicles to spoil your view, this wild, untamed island leaves you free to choose your own adventure. A short boat ride from Dungeness or Lucinda, with opportunities to daytrip, hike, kayak or cast a line from a secluded beach. Pleasing views at every turn! Loose yourself in the magical and picturesque landscapes.

TYTO Wetlands

Named after Tyto Logimembris (Eastern Grass Owl), a nocturnal grass tunneling master of the wetlands. This elusive creature represents just one of the 240 species of bird whom reside here. Witness the uplifting morning chorus sounds out over the 110 hectares of rehabilitated wetlands, as wallabies feed on succulent grass and turtles bask in the sunshine including the occasional crocodile. A mirid of photographic opportunities exist along its extensive walking tracks, viewing platforms and 11m tall observation tower.

Jourama Falls

Located just 20 minutes south of Ingham, in an idyllic rainforest setting is Jourama Falls. The perfect destination for campers, photographers and bird lovers alike. For the swimmers, deep shaded swimming holes and shallow streams bordering the campgrounds are the perfect escape on a hot tropical day.

Broadwater, Abergowrie State Forest

Surrounded by gnarly shady trees, Broadwater’s cool waters provide the perfect destination for a refreshing dip. Take your boogie boards and ride the water as it crashes over smooth rocks or relax in your very own calm water rocky nooks. Discover the majestic 200 year old fig tree or traverse the 74 kilometres of bike riding trails nearby.