Palm Creek Brahmans

Palm Creek Brahmans 

Palm Creek Brahmans is a Stud and Commercial cattle operation located around the beautiful lush landscape of the Hinchinbrook Shire. Our main focus is on breeding quality and easy going temperament Bulls. We on sell these bulls to other cattle operations in various locations around Queensland. We have a love for the land and our animals. 

Our Stud was established in 2004 by 14 year old Peter Chiesa, from humble beginnings it has now grown out to 500 Red & Grey Brahman Stud cows along with Commercial breeders. It is now owned and operated by Peter and Mariah Chiesa.

About us 

The Chiesa family has been in the Hinchinbrook region for 3 generations, Peter's love for the land has been passed down from growing up in the family business, grazing cattle, growing sugar cane and other crops. This lifestyle growing up has instilled a deep appreciation and passion for the land, from mustering cattle on weekends to supplying the family butcher shop, to learning how to grow and produce crops in turn teaching us the importance of soil health and the larger scale effects of the eco system around us. We have a strong focus on looking after our country, maintaining lush pastures by regenerating our country through holistic management, in return we are left with lush growing pastures as our country looks after us and our cattle.   

The Chiesa family has been heavily involved in the Hinchinbrook community. Forrest Beach Surf Life Saving Club and Herbert River Rugby League have been a big part of the family and provided us with a strong community focus, where we continue to carry out beach patrols in the season.

Our Product

We have selected the Brahman breed as it has the ability to perform and survive in our tropical climate as they are a very low maintenance breed. Each year we are getting closer to producing an organic herd as they have a high resistance to parasites, unlike other European and British breeds that are in need of chemicals to control parasites. Brahman meat and eating quality in our opinion are second to none.  All our cattle which are processed through the butcher shop are proof of this statement, always scoring high on the MSA grading system. MSA grading has been brought about so we can ensure a quality, consistent, tender and flavorsome product.   

We are dedicated to breeding a quality article to put on your plate!

Chefs Love Our Produce!

Our delicious Hinchinbrook pasture raised beef is highly prized by many award wining regional restaurants and can be found on the menu at the following restaurants:

Ingham:  Flames @ Tropixx  

Townsville:  The Avenue’s Tavern

Chiesa & Sons Butchery 

Located in the heart of Ingham, Chiesa & Sons Butchery is a family business that is the proud sole supplier of our Hinchinbrook pasture raised beef products. They also stock a wide range of fresh quality meats, including marinated meats, Italian smallgoods and Uncle Mario's famous sausages! To find more visit Chiesa & Sons Butchery