Bellasato Farm

On a small patch of land overlooking the stunning Hinchinbrook Island, our family proudly grow the Australian award winning Sommerlad chickens for sale to local customers, restaurants and select retail outlets. 

These birds are free to roam on mixed pastures, protected by our ever reliable team of Maremma livestock guardian dogs. We not only grow out our birds on pasture, but also manage our breeding flocks on pastue too. It's all done right here on farm - breeding, hacthing, growing out and processing.

We're also small scale sugar cane farmers, with our cane and poultry production fully integrated. By following holistic farming practices we're focusing on our farming system health and resilience, from soil and animal health, to improved water quality outcomes for the nearby Great Barrier Reef.

Sommerlad chickens

The Sommerlad chicken is very unique in the Australian marketplace, developed over many years by Michael Sommerlad in Tenterfield NSW. 

They're a truly differentiated table bird, reminiscent of the quality of 'Poulet de Bresse' of France. 

The unique generics of Sommerlad poultry result in slower growth and active foraging ability. Combined with traditional free range pasture rearing, and whole grain feeding, Sommerlad chicken is unlike any other available in this country.

Our Sommerlad chickens are selected for the table between 10 and 18 weeks of age, (where as standard supermarket chicken is processed at 5-7 weeks of age), and processed right here on our farm by us. Their naturally slow growth rate allows their organs, muscles and bones to grow in harmony, and their longer outdoor life allows them time to develop intramuscular fat, and nutrient dense meat, with outstanding texture and flavour.

About us

We're new to farm life, having moved to our tropical paradise at Christmas time in 2015. Being first generation farmers, we've made plenty of blunders along the way, but are loving the lifestyle and supportive community that is Hinchinbrook. 

Dan has a background in automotive component manufacturing and work in the mining sector prior to the big move to the farm. Leanne was a research microbiologist before our move to North Queensland from Melbourne, Victoria. Together with our kids, we're Bellasato Farm

Where to buy our chickens

You can buy our multi award winning chicken direct from the farm! We sell fresh (refrigerated) and frozen whole birds, wings, breast, marylands, tenderloins, frames, feet, liver, heart and gizzards. Best to call to confirm availability, as the bulk of our chicken is sold to our eating community via CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).