Chiesa & Sons Butchery

Quality Meats & Service Second to None

Located in the heart of Ingham, Chiesa & Sons is a family business established in 1979 dedicated to bringing quality meats to the North Queensland region.  We are renowned for our Hinchinbrook pasture raised beef products and Mario’s famous sausages!  A wide range of fresh quality meats, including marinated meats and Italian smallgoods.

Phone Orders

We can cater for all orders, including cryovac orders, perfect for travellers heading for Cape York or the Outback.

Hinchinbrook Pasture Raised Beef 

Third generation local farmer Peter Chiesa’s film illustrates the exceptional professionalism, passion and dedication applied by the Chiesa family to produce high quality Hinchinbrook beef and maintain integrity in the paddock to plate process.  To find out more about the source of Chiesa & Sons quality beef visit the Palm Creek Brahmans page 

Chefs love our produce!

Our delicious Hinchinbrook pasture raised beef is highly prized by many award wining regional restaurants and can be found on the menu at the following restaurants:


 Flames @ Tropixx


 The Avenue’s Tavern