Frosty Mango

We are located on the Bruce Highway in Mutarnee, nestled in the foothills of the Paluma Ranges. 70km north of Townsville and 40km south of Ingham.

Established in 1989, Frosty Mango continues to be as popular a stopover as ever when travelling North on the Bruce Highway.

This iconic tourist venue bustles with visitors from early in the morning, walking the grounds in bright sunshine and through a long-established display orchard to find out what’s in season.

Meanwhile, those in need of refreshment retreat from pressing humidity inside, soaking up air-conditioned comforts with a cool beverage in hand.

Satisfy growling hunger with a serve of pancakes, or freshly made wraps and sandwiches and of course an ice-cream, choosing from flavours like macadamia, hazelnut and tiramisu as well as fresh fruit sorbet.

Pick up a postcard and a jar of jam for back home before heading back out on the road.