Townsville Whale Watching

Our marine biologist led adventure whale watching tours are safari style and get you up close and personal with some of the most magnificent animals on our planet, the humpback whale. The price includes a picnic lunch, snorkeling gear and spray jackets. Lunch includes rolls/wraps, fruit/muesli bars and extra water. All of this comes at a great value price of only $195 for Adults and $95 for Children 6-16.

Our tours launch up north in Lucinda (transport from Townsville included if you require) for a short boat ride to the Palm Islands, which is home to multiple hotspots for humpback whales, and also provides a great opportunity for spotting other marine life. Snorkeling (please see FAQ) and fish feeding is included on this trip if conditions allow! For more information, please click below to read our FAQ. GBRMPA park surcharge included in price.


07:15 Pick up behind the Holiday Inn (sugar shaker) in Townsville City.

09:45 Launch vessel and safety brief.

10:15 Super fast fun transfers in the 100hp comfortable, safe and modern RIB to the calm waters of the Palm Island Group.

11:00 Cruise along the sheltered bays of Pelorus Island and Orpheus Island searching for humpback whales.

12:00 Picnic lunch on Yanks Jetty (Orpheus Island), where you can feed the fish and practice snorkeling in calm conditions (time and conditions dependent).

13:00 Cruise around Fantome Island if the wind direction is suitable.

14:30 Return to Lucinda

15:00-18:00 Return to Lucinda then back to Townsville with a big smile! (19:00 is our latest return time to Townsville, if we happen to spend too long with the whales or the tide wont let us back in on time! if you need to be back by a certain time, let our guide know)

PLEASE NOTE, this itinerary is an example of an average day, but is certainly dependent on a wide variety of factors. At sea we are affected by the weather, wind and tides and as well as other factors such as how the whales are behaiving (sometimes they don't make it easy to watch them, they are wild animals afterall)

SNORKELERS- We keep fins and masks and snorkels on our vessel to offer the chance for people to get in the water around Yanks Jetty if the conditions allow. If you have your own gear, feel free to bring it. We cannot guarantee a chance for snorkeling on our whale watching tours. Sometimes, the conditions make it unsafe to beach the vessel or to pull the vessel alongside Yanks Jetty, were we would snorkel from. Additionally, we need to keep to a schedule to return to Townsville at a reasonable time, and if the conditions make for a longer transit or if we spend too long with the whales, this will remove the time window available for snorkeling. Finally, please understand that we do not ever have enough time during our whale watching tours to offer snorkel lessons. Breathing from a snorkel with your face underwater is a strange new sensation and it takes time to get comfortable using the fins, mask and snorkel, as well as constant supervision from an in water instructor. Snorkeling is only available for those people already familiar with snorkeling and are ready to simply throw the gear on and jump in. Snorkeling is a RISKY activity is only to be undertaken by medically fit people and will be done at your own risk. People with medical conditions such as asthma or heart related issues must inform the skipper of their condition before entering the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions