Hinchinbrook Autowash

Hinchinbrook Autowash

24 hour car, boat & dog wash centre. Helping you keep your metal, fibreglass and fur babies spotless and sparkly.

The famous WashTec Soft Care Pro chosen for our Ingham site offers three different ways to wash your baby! 

Soft Cloth Provides:

The soft cloth EasyWash service provides the full scope of professional car washing features, including: pre-wash, washing with gentle washing materials, and drying.

Touch Free Provides:

The touch-free car wash provides all the high-quality cleaning services without the use of any friction "brushes".

Combi Wash Deluxe Provides:

The combination of effective high-pressure and SofTecs brush washing makes exceptional results possible.

About the Combi-Wash

The WashTec SoftCare PRO Combi machine chosen for our Ingham site provides the choice of a Soft Cloth; Touch-free or deluxe Combi wash, including underbody wash.