Hinchinbrook Way

Fishermen, hikers, divers, snorkelers, artists, photographers, and nature enthusiasts are captivated by Dungeness as a commencing point to explore the region’s natural treasures, renowned for its world-class fishing, walking trails, and wilderness.

Dungeness is only one kilometre from Lucinda, and is a destination in itself, not just a gateway to wild tropical havens.

Perched on the edge of a mangrove wilderness with majestic views of Hinchinbrook Island; it provides more than enough reasons to take your time and soak up the scenery.

Savour a refreshing cold beer from the local pub, or a serve of fresh fish and chips and enjoy this stunning destination.

Go on a fishing charter expedition, book a day tour on Hinchinbrook Island, board a scenic flight, or get adventurous and take a snorkeling trip!

There are so many incredible experiences on offer that a longer stay is unavoidable.

Dungeness is the gateway to take you on a magical journey to experience the great wonders of Hinchinbrook and the channels; there is so much to see and do.

How to get to Dungeness

Dungeness is easily accessible by road, located 25 minutes north east of Ingham on a sealed road.

There is ample parking for vehicles, boat trailers, and caravans.

Staying in Dungeness

Hinchinbrook Way

There is a variety of accommodation options at Dungeness which all offer very different scenic views. You can wake up to the vista of Hinchinbrook Island and the channels, or sit on the balcony and watch the fishermen and their boats heading out to sea, maybe even spot their secret fishing spots! You can even stay where you can view it all from your verandah or bedroom window.

Hinchinbrook Marine Cove Resort

Lucinda Fishing Lodge

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Food and Beverages

Enjoy a refreshing beer or a drink of your choice while you cherish the views and serenity around you. Have some fresh fish and chips at the restaurant and bar with a wide range of fresh produce and regional cuisines that will make your taste buds water.

Fishing in Dungeness

Hinchinbrook Way

Draw a line through the maze of Hinchinbrook Islands Channels, rivers, and creeks that lead to the sea. Book a fishing charter with one of our many charter companies to explore some of North Queensland’s top fishing areas. Hire a boat from a local boat company and take the journey for yourself. Make sure you read the Marine Green Zone Map and have a copy on hand.

Wild Hinchinbrook Adventures

Crackajack Sportfishing

Island day tours

within the Hinchinbrook region

Take the journey across tropical ocean waters and discover Hinchinbrook Island or the Palm Island Group. Explore the magical islands that are a part of the Palm Island Group. There are 16 islands to discover. Swim in the crystal-clear waters and coral gardens at Yanks Jetty on Orpheus Island. Travel to Pelorus Island and snorkel along the coral fringed coastline or use the island as a base for fishing outside of the Green Zone.  Dolphins and whales are commonly seen between mid-July to early November and the northern part of the island is a great hotspot to watch them frolic. Travel around the islands and explore them all.  Local Tour Operators offer day tours over to the islands for you to explore the magical wonders the islands have to offer.

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