Forrest Beach

Hinchinbrook Way

Forrest Beach is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. An understated coastal village with a beach that extends well beyond the horizon, beckoning the beachcomber, dog walker, or romantic.

Three parks, all within a short walking distance of each other, will be sure to entertain the kids.

With a backdrop of tropical islands, spectacular views, and an ocean full of wonders, why wouldn’t you take a sunset stroll along this spectacular coastline?

Finish the day with a cold beer or wine at the local pub that overlooks the ocean, or chill out on the beach with a handful of fresh fish and chips.

How to get to Forrest Beach

Also known as Allingham, Forrest Beach is 20 kilometres east of Ingham, a short 15-20 minute drive from the main town centre.

Parks at Forrest Beach

With three different playgrounds that will entertain multiple age groups all within short walking distance of each other, Forrest Beach will be sure to entertain the kids.

Situated at Corbett Park, the Crowsnest Tower at over 7 metres high offers a variety of obstacles for the bigger kids.

Once they complete their race to the top, a 12 metre humongous slide scoots them all the way to the ground, ready to race up again.

Adjacent to this structure you will find a playground set up that is perfect for the younger siblings to swing, slide, hide, and play. There is plenty of shade, undercover structures and tables to set up picnics, toilets, and change room facilities.

A small walk across the park will take you to a basketball court, another great playground for the little ones, and a large undercover area perfect for birthday parties.

Swimming at Forrest Beach

Perfect beach to spend the day either kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or just bobbing in the rolling waves.

You can’t just go to Forrest Beach without the urge to dive into the sparkling blue water lapping over the long golden sandy beach. Kick off your shoes and dabble your toes in the refreshing yet comfortable waters.

Boat Ramp at Forrest Beach

If you have your own boat and are up for a fishing expedition on the reef or around the Palm Island Group, Forrest Beach boat ramp is the perfect place to start!

Forrest Beach boat ramp facilities provide a single lane concrete ramp, large bitumen carpark in close proximity of ramp, security lights, toilets, and boat wash down facilities. The ramp is open to weather, rough waves and tides, so ensure to check weather alerts and tides prior to launching. The ramp is conveniently close to the Palm Island Group, including Orpheus Island and Pelorus Island.

Fishing at Forrest Beach

Grab yourself a beach chair, sun umbrella and esky and make your way down to Forrest Beach. If you head up near the Forrest Beach Boat Ramp you will find some locals dotted along the beachfront casting off a line. If you’re lucky you might have the chance to snag a Giant Herring, Silver Trevally, Skippy, or Whiting. After heavy rain you’ll discover some great spots near the creek’s mouth where it meets the ocean. Forrest Beach is renown for its Mulloway in this area. 

Where to Stay

At Forrest Beach

What better way to start your day than waking up to the ocean breeze, breathtaking sunrises, and a morning stroll along deserted sandy beaches. Forrest Beach has a variety of accommodation options to choose from, including a hotel/motel, self-contained units, RV Park and a Caravan Park. Why not stay longer and rent out a holiday house for the family to enjoy; there are a few to choose from, all with great views and walking distance to the shops and beach front.

Forrest Beach Hotel

The Retreat Forrest Beach

Forrest Beach RV Park

Where to Eat

At ForRest Beach

Whether you are after a simple picnic on the beach or a dine-in experience, Forrest Beach has something delicious for you!

Forrest Beach Hotel

Forrest Beach Take Away