Hinchinbrook Way

The Herbert River meanders through the Herbert Valley, passing by the historical village of Halifax perched along the river bed.

Don’t be fooled by its quaint charm, this sleepy village is rich in heritage and home to passionate locals who take great pride in presenting their town and welcoming visitors. Discover and identify the celebrated background of Halifax and how it became one of Hinchinbrook’s historical rural towns by visiting the Halifax Herbert River Museum. Take a step back in time as a treasure trove of historical artefacts surround you and learn how the town founders and families have influenced Halifax and the Hinchinbrook region to become what it is today.

History of Halifax

After George Dalrymple’s voyage from Port Hinchinbrook in Cardwell in 1864, the territory was offered for selection and developed as a sugar production district.

The township of Halifax was named after George Montague Dunk, Earl of Halifax, Secretary of State of the Colonies at the time.

A blacksmith by the name of August Anderssen purchased the land in 1880.

The township was established and surveyed in August, 1883, by Surveyor G.A. Leonard, and the area was then developed into sugar cane plantations.

Once the plantations were established, other settlers arrived to assist with working the land and further development took place, including the establishment of a hotel and a store.

The sugar industry prospered and the town steadily grew and developed, along with a sugar tram line from Ingham to a deep-water port, known as Lucinda.

Halifax’s population peaked in the 1900’s and a range of civic and cultural institutions formalised, forming the bones of what is seen as the quaint township of Halifax today.

Eating in Halifax

The Halifax Hotel is a must-see when visiting the small town of Halifax. The family run Halifax Hotel is situated in the heart of Halifax, on the main Macrossan Avenue stretch. The Hotel provides a great place to relax, have a cold beverage with the locals, or enjoy a hearty meal. Bring along the whole family and let the kids go wild on the playground, swimming pool, pool tables, arcade games, and PlayStation consoles.

Accommodation at the Halifax Hotel

With freshly renovated accommodation rooms, the Halifax Hotel try their best to provide you with at-home comfort. Halifax Hotel also offer en-suite rooms that can accommodate up to four people, if required.

Visit the Herbert River Museum and Gallery

The Herbert River Museum and Gallery is made up of different rooms depicting different walks of life and backgrounds.

Tucked away in the old Shaw’s building, you will find the Herbert River Museum; a treasure trove of historical artefacts that have been steadily collected and preserved for visitors to discover. Take a step back in time and take a stroll down memory lane.

The main room depicts history of the sugar industry, a school area with artefacts dating back 100 years, local sporting bodies and their achievements, dedications to significant local families and their stories that shaped the region, a collection of cars and planes dating back more than 70 years, and an old post office.

The Museum also has a room resembling an equipped canecutter barracks showcasing the typical life of a canecutter while living and working in local cane fields.

A hospital room provides a visual insight into the old Ingham Hospital including an old bed and equipment, x-ray machine, and dental machines. A 50/60’s room sends you back in time, displaying antique radios, televisions, piano and gramophone, all used for entertainment. There is also a stunning display of wedding and bridesmaid dresses and a military room displaying uniforms and equipment from World War One to the Iraqi Wars.

Herbert River Museum/Gallery – Museums and Galleries QLD (magsq.com.au)

Halifax Library Sub Branch

A rural library nestled in a heritage town, Halifax library provides traditional library resources as well as electronic resources featuring an online catalogue, e-books and e-magazines, online databases, free WiFi access, and computers for use within the library.

Additionally, free children’s sessions, community workshops, and school holiday programmes are provided throughout the year to the public.

Tourist cards are also available for patrons. For further information, assistance and enquires, contact the Hinchinbrook Shire Library on 4776 4614.

Halifax Homebrew and Tackle

Located on the main Macrossan Avenue strip, at Halifax Homebrew and Tackle you will find a large range of supplies for when you’re out on the water, combined with local knowledge from the friendly team.

Halifax Homebrew and Tackle want to provide the best possible outcome when fishing in the Hinchinbrook region. Stop on by to get your latest supplies before heading out for a cast. The special thing about this shop is that not only do they sell fishing supplies, they also craft delicious homebrew products.

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  • Fishing Tackle
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