Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Way

Discover Australia’s very own Jurassic Park, right on the doorstep of Hinchinbrook. Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest Island National Park, completely uninhabited, untouched, unspoiled, and uncommercialised. As you first look upon Hinchinbrook Island you are captivated by a stunning blue ocean, fringing reef life, and white sandy beaches.

The appearance of rugged, unforgiving mountain landscape that protrudes through the clouds, leaves you feeling overwhelmed and in awe. You may secretly scan the coastline in hope to find a scene like Jurassic Park!

Hinchinbrook Island’s rugged Thorsborne Trail is one of the World’s best multi-day walking experiences. The trail traverses an incredible diversity of terrain, from rugged tropical peaks, stunning coastal beaches, rocky shorelines, melaleuca swamps, and patches of eucalypts and rainforest.

How to get to Hinchinbrook Island?

Hinchinbrook Island can be reached by boat in as little as 30 minutes. Lucinda and Dungeness are the gateways to Hinchinbrook Island.

Hinchinbrook have some great boat charter and tour operators available to provide a private charter, or you can access the island by a private boat.

Download yourself a copy of the Hinchinbrook Marine Wonders brochure for information on transit lanes and boat speeds to help dugong and turtle protection. Be sure to check local tide times and weather before you set off on your journey. Check the Queensland National Parks website for park alerts or warnings.

What can you do

on Hinchinbrook Island

Hiking tracks on Hinchinbrook Island

If you have a desire for adventure, whether it be for a day or a week; Hinchinbrook Island is your ultimate playground. Hinchinbrook Island offers spectacular hiking and camping along the famous 32 kilometre Thorsborne Trail, internationally rated one of the top 10 walks on the planet.

You will discover rainforests of Milky Pine, Palm Figs, and vines, with more than 66 species of birds, 22 species of butterflies, 29 different mangroves, and many varieties of fish and crustaceans. However, if you are short on time, there are a few options to choose from:

  • The walk to Zoe is the perfect way to fulfill your Jurassic Park experience, as well as your search for that perfect day trip! As an easy grade, the walk is reasonably flat and takes roughly 10-20 minutes to reach the base of Zoe falls.
  • The walk to Mulligan Falls is another short and easy grade walk for the family to take through the ancient forest. Roughly 2.5 kilometres return in distance, the walk will take you through the lush Jurassic Park like rainforest, eventually leading you to the sparkling freshwater pool at the base of Mulligan Falls.
  • The Haven track is moderate grade and 1 kilometre return in distance. The circuit track begins at the Haven Campground at Scraggy Point and passes through vine forests and creek banks. Allow approximately 30 minutes walking time.
  • The Macushla to Cape Richards track is moderate grade and 4.9 kilometres in distance. At low tide you can watch tiny crabs scurrying along the beach and Beach Stone-curlews near the foreshore. The track links Macushla, Cape Richards, the base of Kirkville Hills, and North Shephard Bay. Allow roughly two hours walking time.
  • South Shepherd Bay track is moderate grade and 7.6 kilometres return in distance. The track takes you through Kirkville Hills forests and onto South Shepherd Bay beach. Walkers must return the way they came.
  • Thorsborne Trail is difficult in grade, 34 kilometres one way, approximately a four-day hiking experience that you will find hard to beat.
Kayaking Hinchinbrook Island

Another way to enjoy Hinchinbrook Island is by paddling along the outside coast in a kayak. Voted as one of the top 10 places to see by Kayak in Australia, the views are nothing short of spectacular and the long sandy beaches and extensive mangrove areas make Hinchinbrook Island an environmental haven for turtles, dugongs, and many other marine creatures.

Swimming at Hinchinbrook Island

Zoe Falls is Australia’s best wild vista and natural infinity pool! This is the ideal swimming spot to cool off and take in the breathtaking views on a hot tropical day. Alternatively, you can meander through the tropical rainforests that lead to the magnificent Mulligan Falls. This is the most accessible waterfall on Hinchinbrook Island and is the perfect spot to reset the mind, body and soul.

Stay on Hinchinbrook Island

If you are after a true Jurassic Park experience, rugged and remote bush camping opportunities are available. Camping permits are required and can be booked online, over the phone through Queensland National Parks or purchased at the Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre. Each camp site is distinct and offers a variety of facilities and activities to see and do, as well as the view you seek when you get up in the morning.

Camping areas include:

  • Agnes Beach: Wilderness beachside camping, privacy, stunning sunrises and spectacular ocean views.
  • Banksia Bay: Wilderness beachside camping, secluded and quiet with minimal overstayers.
  • Banshee Bay: Wilderness bush camping with great boat access and perfect beaches.
  • George Point: Beach camping with toilet facilities, long sandy beaches along the southern island coastline
  • Mulligan Falls: Beach camping with toilet facilities, great spot for fishing along a lovely stretch of beach.
  • North Macushla: Shady beach side camping with toilet facilities, known for the ocean views and perfect base for exploring the island.
  • North Zoe Bay: Camping with toilet facilities right at the mouth of North Zoe Creek. Prime location for fishing and exploring.
  • Sea Kayaking: Wilderness camping, with access to locations along east coast of Hinchinbrook Island.
  • South Macushla: Shady beachside camping with toilet and picnic table facilities, perfect spot for boat camping and adventures exploring the island and surrounds.
  • South Zoe Bay: One of the most popular camping spots on the island, toilet and picnic facilities, entrance point to the famous Zoe Falls, stunning beach side camping with views of the bay.
  • Sunset Beach: Wilderness camping, intimate and idyllic, perfect place to start your adventure exploring the east coast.
  • The Haven (Scraggy Point): Grassy camping area with toilet and picnic facilities, the only camping area on the western side of the island, beautiful views overlooking the Hinchinbrook Channel.

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