Jourama Falls

Jourama Falls is truly a magical place to start exploring from and is ideal for camping, day trips, photographers and bird lovers alike.

The Traditional Owners of Paluma Range National Park are the Nywaigi Aboriginal people. They welcome you to their country and ask that you respect and enjoy this stunning National Park. The traditional name for the Paluma Range is Munan Gumburu, which means ‘misty mountain’, an apt description as morning mists are common.

Fringed by rainforest, Waterview Creek tumbles down many picturesque cascades and rapids, offering beautiful spots to relax, camp, walk and enjoy watching birds, butterflies and other native wildlife.

The trek up to the falls lookout not only opens up a great view of the waterfall but also gives you a birds eye view of the waters below where weeping red bottle brush flowers attract bright blue Ulysses butterflies. 

The track takes you through a unique creek crossing with a myriad of wildlife and exploring opportunities. The diverse array of natural flora and fauna located within Jourama Falls inspires nature lovers to explore and hike through the rocky terrain or along the creek discovering more secluded waterfalls and swimming holes. 

Access may be restricted during the summer wet season when Waterview Creek rises and causeways are impassable.

Wheelchair accessibility

The toilets and shelter sheds are wheelchair-accessible.


Sleep under the stars and get back to nature!

Jourama Falls camping ground is situated beside Waterview Creek offering beautiful views and a perfect place for bird watching.

Camping permits are available from the friendly staff at the Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre.


Jourama Falls is a popular swimming and picnic spot with wide open clear space next to all the necessities, perfect to enjoy a relaxing weekend away with the family.

Man made structure overlooking the deep pool of water with large rocks to relax on.

Or hike to the top of the falls and witness the large cascading waterfalls that descends from the mountain tops.

What are you waiting for, dive in!


Click here to download the Jourama Falls, Paluma Range National Park map.

Click here to download the Paluma Range National Park map.