Pelorus Island

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Pelorus Island, located 800 metres north of Orpheus Island, offers great diving and snorkelling opportunities. With magnificent fringing reefs, breathtaking underwater views of marine life can be witnessed straight off the beach!

Also known as North Palm Island or Yanooa Island by the aboriginal community; Pelorus Island is a National Park and is the northernmost island of the Great Palm Island Group.

Being an undeveloped island, it makes a very secluded escape so you can enjoy the wonders of nature first-hand.

Opportunities are available to camp in many of the secluded beachfronts, snorkel along the coral fringed coastline, or use the island as a base for fishing outside of the Green Zone.

Dolphins and whales are commonly seen between mid-July to early November with the northern part of the island being a great hotspot to watch them frolic.

Staying at Pelorus Island

Governed by Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Pelorus Island offers free wilderness camping. Camping Permits from National Parks are not required.

The island is completely off-the-grid, uninhabited, uncommercialised, and untouched. This means if you wish to camp or spend a day, you will need to be completely self-sufficient with all supplies and equipment to be boated in. What you bring to the island must be taken away to ensure this slice of paradise stays pristine for the adventure seekers.

Snorkelling and diving at Pelorus Island

Pelorus Island has a remarkable array of soft coral such as sea whips and fans side by side with plate and big boulder corals.

With the changing current, Pelorus brings new marine life on a daily basis, so every day is a new experience. In the winter time, marine life such as a plethora of colourful tropical reef fish, leopard rays, guitar sharks, turtles, and manta rays can be spotted.

A great place to start a dive on Pelorus Island is around the top corner of Pelorus where you will find the max depth of 18 metres. Depending on the tides, this little spot makes the perfect dive for an advanced drifter dive or a gentle option for an introduction dive.

How to get to Pelorus Island

Pelorus Island can be reached by boat in as little as 30 minutes. Taylor’s Beach, Forrest Beach, and Dungeness are the gateways to Pelorus Island.

Hinchinbrook have some great boat charter companies and tour operators available to provide a private charter, or you can access the island by a private boat. Download yourself a copy of the Hinchinbrook Marine Wonders brochure for information on transit lanes and boat speeds to help Dugong and Turtle Protection.

Be sure to check local tide times and weather before you set off on your journey. Check the Queensland National Parks website for park alerts and/or warnings.

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