Buujan Quiinbiira Walk

The Buujan Quiinbiira (Boo-jun quin bee-rr-ar)  Walk is part of the Wet Tropics Great Walk. It leaves from Wallaman Falls and finishes at Yamanie. The walk starts at Wallaman Falls and winds its way through open forests and past palm-filled gullies before crossing the Herbert River to reach the Yamanie pick-up point.

Day 1: Wallaman Falls to Pack Trail campsite

The first day of the walk is 23km and follows an old forestry track through a range of landscapes including she-oak dominated country, open forest and rainforest. Small gullies teeming with ferns and palms are scattered throughout the forest. If you look carefully, you might catch a glimpse of the brilliant blue Ulysses butterfly or forest kingfisher as they seek sanctuary from the heat. You will pass by Garrawalt Creek and Flagstone Creek before camping at the Pack Trail campsite.

Day 2: Pack Trail campsite to Yamanie turn-off

The second day of the walk (14.2km) follows part of the Dalrymple Track, forged in the 1860s by George Dalrymple and his team. The track provided an essential route for bullock teams hauling supplies from the Port of Cardwell to the frontier homesteads. Be prepared for a steep descent on unstable surfaces. Part way down the steep hill, there is a break in the canopy. Enjoy the sensational views across the Herbert River Valley. At the base of the hill you will pass through a big scrubby gully before the turn-off to Yamanie. Enjoy a pleasant walk through open forest, along the high banks of the Herbert River. Keep your eyes and ears open for resident wildlife. Listen for the noisy chatter of Scaly-breasted lorikeets or the deep, gruff call of a Wompoo fruit-dove. Scattered throughout the open forest are small gullies filled with riparian rainforest including large fig trees. In the deep waterholes of the Herbert River, you may find another of the locals - large estuarine crocodiles, so please take care.

Getting There

Buujan Quiibiira Walk goes from Wallaman Falls to Yamanie. Wallaman Falls is 51.5 kilometres drive from Ingham. Normal travel time is about an hour each way. Travel 8 kilometres west of Ingham to Trebonne and turn left. Follow the signs to Wallaman Falls, over the Stone River and up the coastal range. The road climbs steeply up the range and is slippery when wet. Caravans and trailers are not recommended. Cassowaries are sometimes seen in the rainforest sections, so please drive carefully. The lookout and the campground are about 2 kilometres apart on different forks of the road near the falls.

The Yamanie Section of Girringun National Park is 60km from Ingham, about a 45min drive. Travel west from Ingham along Abergowrie Road. At the end of the road you will find a gate at the entrance to the park. Please ensure you close the gate behind you. Beyond the gate, 4WD vehicles are recommended.

Camping Permits: Visit Queensland National Parks Booking Services @ https://qpws.usedirect.com/qpws/


Bangguruu Trail Map