Mercer Lane

Come and enjoy a stroll down Mercer Lane and discover over 50 metres of wonderful mosaic work done by local Artist Kate Carr and her mosaic ladies.

Local business woman Karen Venables rallied the community together, resulting in over 2,000 locals and visitors participating in the project. The medium of mosaics was used because it is an artistic form that can be quickly learned, and also because it is associated with the artwork of ancient Italy and Italians who to this day, make up a significant percentage of the local population.

Where and What is Mercer Lane?

Located next to JK’s deli in the heart of Ingham’s CBD, discover a cultural heritage and be taken in by Mercer Lane’s Mosaic Artwork, sharing the stories of the Cane Cutters history and influence on modern day Ingham. Eat, drink or walk through our very own local tribute to the cane cutter and sugar cane industry and discover every day heroes of yesteryear.