TYTO Wetlands Walk

The revegetated and repaired 120 hectare site is home to over 240 species of bird, numerous tropical plant species and an abundant wallaby population.

Located 800 metres from the township of Ingham and just off the Bruce Highway, the TYTO Wetlands is not only a carefully preserved natural environment intergrating lagoons, walking tracks and native flora, but also considered by many as truly a bird watchers paradise!

Experience the natural beauty and tranquility of this tropical environment by leisurely strolling along the 4km walkways. Interpretive signs, marked lookouts and specially created viewing platforms allow you to view local wildlife without interference or disturbance to their habitats.



Where did the name come from? It's a question staff at the TYTO Information and Wetlands Centre get asked often and the answer is simple for those who know their Ornithology! The name for the wetlands is derived from one of the local birdlife inhabitants that you may be lucky enough to see on your visit - The Eastern Grass Owl (Tyto Capensis).

This endangered species is a medium-sized, ground dwelling owl which can reach a height of approximately 35-38cm long.  These grass owls are generally found in the areas of tall grass or swampy heaths and often rest by day, so visitors looking for a chance to view this magnificent bird should visit the TYTO Wetlands observation deck as the Grass Owl takes flight at dusk.