Free Public Wifi

The two new free Wi-Fi hotspots in Ingham will provide high speed internet to visitors and residents and can be accessed by selecting the Wi-Fi option on mobile devices by choosing Hinchinbrook Free WiFi.  Wi-Fi sessions using the network will not be limited by data. People will be able to use 30 minutes of Wi-Fi per device, per day, at each location for free, regardless of which service provider they’re with. For visitors or members of the community who need to use Wi-Fi for longer periods of time this service will be available at the Hinchinbrook Shire Library during opening hours.The network will be delivered through Telstra Air, which is Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network and delivers additional benefits for Telstra home broadband and mobile customers.

The Hinchinbrook Shire Council considered a number of submissions for the establishment and operation of the new network and Telstra Air’s submission represented exceptional value for money. Through the utilisation of Telstra’s Technology Fund the survey, design, supply, installation, maintenance and operation for a three year period is likely to be less than the budgeted $10,000 for the project. Importantly; the network is managed by Telstra and does not increase resource demands on Council infrastructure or staff.

The network is envisaged to be operational prior to the commencement of the tourism season.