In Hinchinbrook

Imagine yourself relaxing beneath a stunning waterfall, jumping into a refreshing swimming hole or lazing away in the rolling ocean waves.

Nothing beats cooling down in one of nature’s gifts, in some of Australia’s most breath-taking picture-perfect environments… Hinchinbrook is the place to be!

Best freshwater swimming spots

in Hinchinbrook

Zoe Falls, Hinchinbrook Island

Make your way to Zoe Bay and immerse yourself in the calm infinity pools of Zoe Falls.

Framed by rugged mountain peaks, the vista of rich tropical rainforest, white coastal sands and the tranquil waters of the bay will consume you. Once you have experienced the trinity of Zoe (Zoe Bay, Zoe Beach and Zoe Falls), you will likely never find a comparable experience in nature. It belongs at the top of every adventurer and nature lovers bucket list.

Mulligan Falls, Hinchinbrook Island

Mulligan Falls is the perfect opportunity to take the family to explore the captivating nature experience Hinchinbrook Island has on offer.

Plummeting from the mountain tops into a deep secluded swimming hole, Mulligan Falls is easily the most accessible waterfall on Hinchinbrook Island.

Wallaman Falls, Girringun National Park

Experience some of the Wet Tropics World Heritage rainforest along the banks of Stony Creek and take a short 400 metre stroll along the Banggurru Track.

You will be rewarded with a cool, deep refreshing waterhole, perfect for the whole family. Surrounded by large rock pools flowing with water all year round, sandbars perfect for sun tanning and the sounds of nature to keep you company.

Broadwater, Abergowrie State Forest

Surrounded by gnarly shady trees, Broadwater’s cool waters provide the perfect destination for a refreshing dip.

Take your boogie boards and ride the water as it crashes over smooth rocks or relax in your very own calm water rocky nooks.

Jourama Falls, Paluma Range National Park

Located just 20 minutes south of Ingham, you will find an idyllic rainforest setting just off the highway.

Jourama Falls is the perfect destination for a relaxing time away with the family, offering deep shaded swimming holes and shallow streams bordering the neighbouring campgrounds.

Little Crystal Creek, Paluma Range National Park

Little Crystal Creek is well known for its historic stone arch bridge built in the 1930s and the cascading waterfalls which feed into one of the best freshwater swimming holes in the north.

Big Crystal Creek, Paluma Range National Park

If you are visiting the Paluma area, don’t miss the Big Crystal Creek Rockslides. Just a short way up the road from the camping and day use facilities at Paradise Waterhole, you will find another great place to cool off.

The track to the rockslides is short, with a steep grade at times. It takes about 10 minutes from the gate to reach this fun destination. There are plenty of smooth rocks for catching some sun alongside a range of waterholes and natural waterslides. A series of short slides over slick mossy rocks shoot you down into lustrous pools. Excellent for cooling off on a hot summer day, the rockslides offer hours of entertainment.

Paradise Waterhole, Paluma Range National Park

From the Big Crystal Creek campground and recreational day use area, the path to Paradise Waterhole begins near the barbeque and cooking facilities.

The short stroll down to this pristine waterhole takes about two minutes. The track will take you to an outcrop of large boulders, perfect for basking in the sun after a dip in the deep, crystal-clear pool.

Tropical Island swimming

In THe Hinchinbrook Region

Orpheus Island

Take on one of the best dive or snorkel experiences of a life-time amongst green turtles and coral reefs!

Orpheus Island is everything a tropical island escape should be; secluded beaches, breath-taking sunsets, crystal clear waters and the most magical underwater experience at the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Located just off the coast of Ingham in North Queensland, Orpheus Island is renowned for its exclusivity, beauty and spectacular fringing reefs.

Hinchinbrook Island

Zoe Falls is arguably home to Australia’s best wild vista and natural infinity pool!

This is the ideal swimming spot to cool off and take in the breath-taking views on a hot tropical day. Alternatively, you can meander through the tropical rainforest that leads to the magnificent Mulligan Falls.

Zoe Falls is the most accessible waterfall on Hinchinbrook Island and is the perfect spot to reset the mind, body and soul.

Pelorus Island

Pelorus Island has a remarkable array of soft coral such as sea whips and fans side by side with plate and big boulder corals.

With the changing current, Pelorus brings new marine life on a daily basis, so every day is a new swimming experience.

Best Beaches to go swimming in Hinchinbrook

Forrest Beach: Stretching an astounding 14 kilometres, this tropical beach with idyllic island views is the perfect place to while-away a lazy afternoon.

The long sandy beach and clear blue ocean invite you to kick off your shoes and cool down in the refreshing waters.

Feel the sand between your toes and either spend the day kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or just lazing in the rolling waves.

Be Croc Wise when swimming in Hinchinbrook!

Tropical North Queensland and the Hinchinbrook region are crocodile country, so please remember to be croc-wise.

Just because you cannot see a crocodile, it does not mean there is not one lurking nearby and be assured they can see you. Crocodiles have the ability to stay underwater for more than an hour and can be completely concealed in knee deep water.

Hinchinbrook Croc areas are well sign posted and it is highly recommended that you read all signage before entering any water.