In The Hinchinbrook Region

Hinchinbrook arguably has some of the most iconic, inspiring and rewarding walking tracks anywhere in the world; and we would love to share them with you!

From short five-minute strolls, to epic multi-day wilderness hikes…. Hinchinbrook has it all!

Whether you are an avid experienced hiker, multi-day scenic walker, off the beaten track adventurer, or just a Sunday stroller; Hinchinbrook has something for you.

So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready for an unforgettable Hinchinbrook experience!

Casual Strolls

Around The Hinchinbrook Region

The Hinchinbrook Way Walk

Grade: Easy
Distance: 1.9km return (loop walk)
Self-Guided Tour

Beginning at the Visitor Information Centre, your self-guided journey takes you out across an elevated walkway suspended above wetlands and walking through the canopies of the raintrees of the TYTO Precinct.  The walk meanders through the incredible offerings of TYTO before descending past inspiring art works and into the town centre of Ingham. Wander through the town’s boutique and gourmet shopping experiences, don’t miss the incredible 42-metre-long Mercer Lane Mosaic that depicts the history of the sugar cane industry in Ingham. Another must see is the original Pub With No Beer, discover the history and origin of the pub before looping back through the serene TYTO Parklands and returning to the Visitor Information Centre. Be sure to pick up a Hinchinbrook Way Map to guide you through your journey.

Download the Hinchinbrook Way brochure below, or pick up a copy from the Visitor Information Centre.

TYTO Parklands and Observation Tower

Grade: Easy
Self-Guided Tour

Explore TYTO Parklands and Wetlands by wandering along modern architectural walkways that represent the bins vital to the regions mainstay industry, sugar cane, or connect via casual pathways, bridges over lagoons and through wooded parklands. Scale the 11 metre Observation Tower for a bird’s eye view of the land and keep an eye out for the diverse range of wildlife that call the TYTO main lagoon home. Great photo opportunities abound! Picnic tables are located on the Cooper Street entrance next to the Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre. Alternatively, take a picnic blanket and utilise the shade under the many eucalypt trees scattered throughout the Parklands and, for the kids and the adventurous, challenge yourself on the newly installed Ninja Park!

TYTO Wetlands

Grade: Easy
Distance: 4km return
Time: Approximately 1.5 hours

Boasting 4 kilometres of designated walking tracks, four bird viewing platforms, seating and a multitude of different eco systems; TYTO Wetlands offers a peaceful way to spend the day exploring and discovering the heart and soul of bird watching. The TYTO Wetlands have a bird species diversity that rivals Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory in a space 18,000 times smaller! The most rewarding experiences can be found in the early morning or late afternoon.

Zoe Falls, Hinchinbrook Island

Grade: Easy
Distance: 1.8km return
Time: 1 hour

If you are heading out on the boat, the walk to Zoe Falls is the ideal way to fulfill your Jurassic Park experience and a perfect day trip! Classed an easy grade walk, the short trek to Zoe is reasonably flat and takes roughly 10-20 minutes to reach the base of Zoe Falls. The track travels through the rainforest and leads to a deep blue tropical rainforest bordered swimming hole at the base of Zoe Falls. The freshwater pool provides for safe, cool swimming.

Mulligan Falls, Hinchinbrook Island

Grade: Easy
Distance: 2.5km return
Time: 1 hour

Mulligan Bay is the most accessible bay on Hinchinbrook Island. The walk to Mulligan Falls is another short and easy grade walk for the family to take through the Jurassic like forest. Roughly 2.5 kilometres return, you will wander through lush tropical rainforests, eventually leading you to the sparkling freshwater pool at the base of Mulligan Falls.

Wallaman Falls Lookout to Gorge Lookout

Grade: Easy
Distance: 800m return
Time: 45 minutes

The main lookout at Wallaman Falls provides stunning views of the falls and from there you can take a short walk to the second lookout which offers breathtaking views of the Herbert River Gorge and Valley. The lookout area has a large day use area with toilet facilities, picnic spots and barbecues. A short drive to the camping grounds and you will find a family friendly area with many opportunities for birdwatching, camping, hiking and swimming.

Wallaman Falls – Banggurru Walk

Grade: Easy
Distance: 800m return
Time: 45 minutes

The Banggurru (pronounced ‘Bun-gu-roo’ and meaning turtle) walk is an easy 800 metre return experience and provides an opportunity for the whole family to discover some of the beauty of the Wet Tropics World Heritage rainforest along the banks of Stony Creek. The walk starts at the Wallaman Falls camp grounds and follows Stony Creek upstream for about 400 metres to a swimming area amongst the rocks. It’s advised that you don’t swim if the water is high over the rocks and fast flowing. Be sure to spend a moment peering into the rock pools – you could be rewarded with a glimpse of a platypus, or hear the plop of a water dragon seeking refuge in the creek. Saw-shelled turtles can also be seen basking on logs or peeking through the surface of the water.

This is an easy grade walk and one that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy.

Broadwater, Abergowrie State Forest – Rainforest Track

Grade: Easy
Distance: 1.6km return
Time: 30 minutes

The Broadwater Rainforest Track is an easy stroll, 1.6-kilometre return walk which takes approximately 30 minutes. This circuit walk passes through endangered riparian rainforest with views of Broadwater Creek. The walk starts at the southern end of the day-use area. A 200-metre wheelchair-accessible boardwalk to a magnificent white fig (Ficus virens var. sublanceolata) commonly known as the Broadwater fig, is the feature of the walk.

Broadwater, Abergowrie State Forest – Creek Walk

Grade: Easy
Distance: 3km return
Time: 1 hour

For the more energetic, the Broadwater Creek Walk takes roughly 1 hour to walk. The 3-kilometre return walking track commences in the main camping area and leads you through eucalypt and riparian forest to the delightful pools along Broadwater Creek. It ends at the “Overflow”, on the boundary of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Along the way you will come across endless swimming holes, so be sure to bring your swimmers! If you are lucky, you might spot agile wallabies, forest kingfishers, blue-winged kookaburras or eastern yellow robins.



Paluma Range National Park: Paluma Range National Park has a wide range of walking and hiking tracks available for everyone with its difficulty ranging from easy to moderate. The tracks range in distance from 300 metres to 4 kilometres, so whether it’s a short walk or a hike, Paluma Range has you covered. On the Mount Spec section of the Paluma Range National Park there are five tracks available for you to explore and uncover the historical and natural values of the area.


Big Crystal Creek Rockslides walking track

Grade: Easy
Distance: 800m
Time: 15 minutes

Don’t miss Big Crystal Creek Rockslides if you’re in the Paluma area. 2 kilometres past the camping and day use area of Paradise Waterhole, you will find this fun destination. From the carpark, walk approximately 200 metres past a locked gate and you will soon come across the beautiful rockslides, with a range of waterholes and cascades for everyone to enjoy.

McClellands Lookout

Grade: Easy
Distance: 300m return
Time: 15 minutes

Follow the signs as you enter Paluma Village to McClellands Lookout. Turn east off Mount Spec Road onto Loop Road, and upon entering you will see a car park. A 150-metre track leads you to the lookout with stunning views of Halifax Bay and Palm Island Group. The lookout is wheelchair accessible, and you can read about local history and facts on the information boards.

Cloudy Creek Walk

Grade: Moderate
Distance: 4km
Time: 2.5 hours

Along the same route as the Witts Lookout track you will get to a fork junction, turn left where the track will lead you along Cloudy Creek. You will hike through a series of minor waterfalls and sections that are steep, rocky and slippery. The track goes for 4 kilometres and is a moderate grading. Be prepared for many steps and walking around and over boulders. 


Grade: Moderate
Distance: 1.1km
Time: 1 hour

This hike takes you through a historical path which once was an old timber hauling or ‘snig’ track, allowing you to see old loading ramps and stumps, relics of the districts logging history. The remains of an old shaft give insight into how the tin miners searched for tin. Whalley Crescent is the starting point for this trek and it ends at Lennox Crescent, both located off Mount Spec Road in the Paluma Village. Wander through 1.1 kilometres of tropical rainforest and historical artifacts. 

Paluma Rainforest Walk

Grade: Easy
Distance: 680m
Time: 30 minutes

A relaxing short walk through the rainforest discovering strangler figs and king ferns. The walk starts opposite the Paluma Town Hall and ends 200 metres west along Mount Spec Road. Learn about the history of how an old tin-race (a stone-pitched channel) was discovered. The tin miners had learnt that by damming small, fast flowing creeks and channelling the water through races, they could carry on sluicing operations single-handed.

Witts Lookout Track

Grade: Moderate
Distance: 3km
Time: 1.5 – 2 hours

Explore the rainforest where the track begins 200 metres past McClelland’s Lookout. Follow the wheelchair accessible bitumen route from the overlook to the start of the hike and end with amazing views of Halifax Bay and Palm Island Group. At the fork in the road, follow the right track to Witts Lookout. The trail then climbs sharply for 3 kilometres through open forest before finishing at the lookouts on two rocky summits.

birthday Creek Falls Walk

Grade: Moderate
Distance: 1km return
Time: 45 minutes

Hike through the rainforest to a cascade of falls at the top of Birthday Creek. The perfect walk for birdwatchers, only a 1-kilometre return walk with a moderate grade of difficulty. At the end of the track enjoy an invigorating dip in the small fresh waterhole but be careful of the rocks as they can become slippery.

A Good Day of Walking

in Hinchinbrook Wilderness

Wallaman Falls Djyinda Walk

Grade: Moderate
Distance: 3.2km return
Time: 2 hours

Did you know Djyinda, the name of the walk to the base of Wallaman Falls is pronounced ‘Yin-da’ and means ‘falls’?

If you love chasing waterfalls then this walk is for you! This track weaves through open forest along the mountain ridges to provide breath taking views of the Herbert Valley. It begins 300 meters from Wallaman Falls main lookout and ends at the base of the falls. Open forest gives way to ancient rain forest as the track goes deeper into the gorge.

You will hear the falls long before you can see them – the roar of 268 metres of sheer force as Australia’s highest permanent single drop waterfall plunges to the 20-metre-deep pool below.

A moderate level of fitness is required, as it is quite a steep descent and ascent and the terrain can be unpredictable.

It is truly impossible to appreciate the majesty of the falls until you have experienced the Djyinda walk.

Mount Fox Crater Walk

Grade: Difficult
Distance: 2km return
Time: Approximately 1.5 hours

Mount Fox is a well-preserved relic of North Queensland’s volcanic past. The walk is quite difficult, but well worth the view, once you have conquered the Mount Fox Crater challenge and reached the rim of the dormant volcano.

This climb takes hikers up the side of Mount Fox, offering views of the crater and the surrounding Kangaroo Hills countryside. There are no marked or maintained tracks. This walk is recommended for experienced walkers with a high level of fitness. Be prepared for a steep climb and surfaces can be unstable and slippery at times. The Mount Fox walking track may be closed during the wet season (between December and May). Additional closures may occur for management purposes.

Dalrymple Track

Grade: Difficult
Distance: 10km one way
Time: Allow 5 – 7 hours

The Dalrymple Gap Walking Track takes you through open rainforest and several creek crossings as you wander within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The track follows a road that was built in the 1860’s, and was used by three local Indigenous groups to cross the Cardwell Range. Early European settlers later transformed the track into North Queensland’s first road, suitable for wheeled traffic. At the summit of the walk, you will come across a stone pitched bridge, the oldest surviving example of civil engineering work on mainland North Queensland. Walk the Dalrymple Track in either direction, and experience the historic landscape of the track and the beauty of Girringun National Park.

Raspberry Falls, Mount Fox

Grade: Difficult
Distance: 3.4km return
Time: Approximately 3 hours

Also known as Raspberry Creek Falls, Raspberry Falls is a hidden gem in Hinchinbrook and the perfect off the beaten track experience for nature seekers. The majestically terraced waterfall system flows eastward off the Sea View Range, creating a remarkable view of the gorgeous waterfall rolling through the Girringun National Park below. The walk itself has been graded as difficult in nature due to the unformed track where at times you are trekking up creeks… so be prepared to get wet shoes! Allow yourself a good 3-hour return trip.

The adventure is definitely worth it once you arrive at the falls, make sure you pack your swimmers.

Fully immersed in nature

on a multi-day Hinchinbrook adventure!

Thorsborne Trail

Grade: Difficult
Distance: 32km
Time: Allow 4 – 6 days

Hinchinbrook Island’s rugged Thorsborne Trail is one of the World’s best multi-day walking experiences. Taking around four to six days to hike, the trail traverses an incredibly diverse terrain, from rugged tropical peaks, stunning coastal beaches, rocky shorelines, melaleuca swamps and patches of eucalypts and rainforest. As the trail winds its way 32 kilometres south from Ramsay Beach to George Point, it intersects many of the islands iconic destinations including Nina Peak, Zoe Bay and Mulligan Falls.

For the ultimate experience, it is recommended walking the trail from north to south and book your boat transfers to and from Lucinda. This option delivers a stunning early morning one hour cruise of the incredibly picturesque Hinchinbrook Channel enroute to Ramsay Bay. Another bonus is that once you have finished the trail, it’s only a 15-minute transfer from George Point back to Lucinda, a hot shower, a nourishing meal and a cold brew! For more information head to [Thorsborne Trail Page]

Wet Tropics Great Walk

For the more adventurous, Wallaman Falls is the gateway to the Wet Tropics Great Walk where you have the choice of three walking tracks.

The Wallaman Falls Section of Girringun National Park forms part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. It is home to many endangered plants and animals and some of the oldest rainforests on earth. The Wet Tropics Great Walk enables you to discover some of the region’s diverse landscapes. The creeks and rivers are home to platypus, eastern water dragons and saw-shelled turtles. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the unique musky rat-kangaroo or the endangered southern cassowary.

The Wet Tropics Great Walk passes through the traditional lands of the Warrgamaygan Aboriginal people. The land holds great cultural significance to them.

Part of the walking track also follows a section of the Dalrymple Track. This historic route from the coast to the inland enabled essential supplies to be hauled to the frontier homesteads.

There are three walking tracks in the Wallaman Falls Section of the Wet Tropics Great Walk:

  1. Buujan Quiinbiira Walk – 37.5km one way (allow 2 days) Grade: Difficult
  2. Djagany (goanna) Walk – 56.8km one way (allow 3 days) Grade: Difficult
  3. Gugigugi (butterfly) Walk – 37.5km one way (allow 2 days) Grade: Difficult