Paluma Range

National Park

Paluma Range National Park has a wide range of walking and hiking tracks available for everyone with its difficulty ranging from easy to moderate.

The tracks range in distance from 300 metres to 4 kilometres, so whether it’s a short walk or a hike, Paluma Range has you covered. On the Mount Spec section of the Paluma Range National Park there are five tracks available for you to explore and uncover the historical and natural values of the area.

  • Rockslides walking track – 2 kilometres past Paradise Waterhole at Big Crystal Creek discover the Rockslides, just a short 800 metre return walk alongside the dry forest. Walk approximately 200 metres past a locked gate located at the car park and you will come across a gravel walking track on the left-hand side of the road. 200 metres along the dirt path you will come across the beautiful rockslides with a range of waterholes and cascades for everyone to enjoy.
  • Birthday Creek Falls Walk – Explore through the rainforest all the way to the top of a cascade of falls on Birthday Creek. The perfect walk for birdwatchers, only a 1-kilometre return walk with a moderate difficulty. At the end of the track enjoy an invigorating dip in the small fresh waterhole but be careful of the rocks as they become slippery.
  • McClellands Lookout – Follow the signs as you enter Paluma Village to McClellands Lookout. Turn east off Mount Spec Road onto Loop Road, and upon entering you will see a car park. A 150-metre track leads you to the lookout with stunning views of Halifax Bay and Palm Island Group. The lookout is wheelchair accessible, and you can read about local history and facts on the information boards.
  • Witts Lookout Track – Explore the rainforest while learning about the native plants and creatures as the track begins 200 metres past McClellands Lookout. Follow the wheelchair accessible bitumen route from the overlook to the start of the hike and end with amazing views of Halifax Bay and Palm Island Group. At the fork in the road, follow the right track to Witts Lookout. The trail then climbs sharply for 3 kilometres through open forest before finishing at the lookouts on two rocky summits.
  • Cloudy Creek Walk – Along the same route as the Witts Lookout track, once you get to a fork junction turn left as the track leads you along Cloudy Creek. You will hike through waterfalls and sections that are steep, rocky and slippery. The track goes for 4 kilometres and is a moderate grading, be prepared for many steps and walking through and over boulders.
  • Paluma Rainforest Walk – A relaxing short walk through the rainforest discovering strangler figs and king ferns. The walk starts opposite the Paluma Town Hall and ends 200 metres west along Mount Spec Road. Learn about the history of how the old tin race was discovered, miners made a stone pitched channels through the rainforest creating a creek.
  • H Track – This hike takes you through a historical path which once was an old timber hauling or snig track, allowing you to see old loading ramps and old stumps. This stroll begins on Whalley Crescent and ends on Lennox Crescent, both located off Mount Spec Road in the Paluma Village. Wander through 1.1 kilometres of rainforest and historical artifacts.