You KNOW you have to create “quality content” but how do you make sure that it is relevant and compelling, and the entire process doesn’t feel completely overwhelming?

In this masterclass Nikki will be taking the overwhelm out of creating content consistently by breaking down every part of the content-creating process for you.

When you start categorising your content and mapping out the tasks and process and just hone in on one section at a time (versus the whole big job!), you can do them much more effectively. 

Nikki will be helping you with how to talk to your followers and how to have a consistent brand voice and personality.

With these strategies, Nikki will help you know exactly what you’re focusing on for where you are in your business. No more second-guessing on what kind of content you need to engage your tribe, or coming up with things spur of the moment. INikki will be putting it all out there so you can take immediate action.

Some of the area’s we’ll cover are;

  • Content voice & style;
  • What types of content to share;
  • Defining your content categories;
  • How to make your Insta feeds more appealing;
  • User Generated Content - What it is, where to find it and why to use it;
  • How to create compelling content that stops the scroll;
  • Creating a Caption Bank;
  • Content calendars & planning; and
  • Scheduling.