Australia's best wild vista and natural infinity pool

If you are looking for stunning waterfalls that truly captivate the mind and soul, then Zoe Falls is just for you.

Zoe Falls plummets into a deep blue tropical rainforest lined swimming hole, easily accessible from Zoe Bay and perfect for families.

If you're seeking the incredible views and wish to experience the famous infinity plunge pools then you'll need to climb to the top.  The trail to the top of Zoe Falls follows the Thorsborne Trail; however be aware that this is one of the steepest and most difficult sections of the trail, with near vertical sections.  

It is highly recommended that you have:

  • Sturdy footwear;
  • Reasonable level of fitness; and
  • You're okay with heights (the track is very steep with sharp drops to the valley floor).

Camping at Zoe Bay

Right at the mouth of South Zoe Creek on spectacular Zoe Bay, this camping area is the epitome of a tropical island paradise. Tuck yourself in under the thick canopy and take in the spell-binding ocean views from your tent, or grab a towel and head up the track to stunning Zoe Falls.

From the rock face high above, water cascades over cliffs and ledges, gathering in pools and eddying around obstacles before the final plunge into the impossibly blue pool below. Slip into the pool and wash away the dust and salt of the day.

Camping permits are avaliable from Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre or National Parks website.

Private Vessel

If you plan to head to the island in your own boat, first obtain a copy of the Hinchinbrook Marine Wonders brochure for information on transit lanes and boat speeds to aid dugong and turtle conservation.

Access to some areas of Hinchinbrook Island is weather and tide dependent and a good knowledge of the waters and potential hazards is essential.

Check local tide tables and weather conditions at the Bureau of Meteorology before you set out.

Read boat and fish with care for tips on boating and fishing safety and caring for parks.

Boat Transfers

If you are planning to visit the island via a boat transfer please contact Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre for information on our local businesses that offer this service.


Click here to download the Hinchinbrook Island National Park map which illustrates walking tracks and camping grounds on the island.

Click here to download the regional map of Hinchinbrook which illustrates towns, highways, national parks, waterways and walking tracks.