Hinchinbrook Island

As you first look upon Hinchinbrook Island you are captivated by a stunning blue ocean, fringing reef life and white flat sandy beaches. The appearance of rugged, unforgiving mountain landscape that protrude through the clouds, leaves you overwhelmed. The island is covered in paperbark, wetlands and extensive woodland. Damp rainforest and eucalypt trees descend to various channels that are surrounded by lush mangroves, making it a great home and breeding ground for a large array of animal life. Trails and hiking are the most sought after things to do on Hinchinbrook Island.

Getting here

Lucinda and Dungeness is the gateway to Hinchinbrook Island, Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Channel, Orpheus Island and Pelorus Island. 

Click here to visit the Hinchinbrook Way Business Directory for all island transfers and tour operators.

Click here to download the Hinchinbrook Region Map.

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Waterfalls & Swimming Holes

Zoe Falls is Australia's best wild vista and natural infinity pool! This is the ideal swimming spot to cool off and take in the breathtaking views on a hot summers day. To find out more information on this beauty click here.

Alternatively, you can meander through the tropical rainforests that lead to the magnificent Mulligan Falls. This is the most accessible waterfall on Hinchinbrook Island and is the perfect spot to reset the mind, body and soul. Click here for more information on Mulligan Falls.


Hinchinbrook Island has a diverse range of walking tracks that are suitable for skilled hikers or casual walkers!

For further information on the short walks or the world-renowned Thorsborne Trail click here.


With only 40 campers permitted to stay on Hinchinbrook Island at once, you basically have 'Australia's Jurrasic Park' all to yourself!

Camping permits are available from the friendly staff at the Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre.