Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is part of the traditional lands of the Warrgamaygan Aboriginal people. 'Nginba Warrgamaygan Ngarji'. They hope you will enjoy your visit and respect this sacred place.

The highest,  single-drop waterfall (268m) in Australia, Wallaman Falls is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, home to some of the oldest rainforests on earth and many endangered plants and animals.

From the lookout, you can witness its sheer size and tranquility and if you're lucky the perfect photographic opportunity, but if you're bold, trekking down to the bottom of the falls will leave you breathless.  You don’t truly get a full appreciation of the magnitude of the height of the falls until you reach the bottom and witness the power of the water crashing into the rocks in front of you. Even when days seem a bit bleak, Wallaman Falls never ceases to amaze.  Surrounded in cloud, the breeze gently blows it away revealing glimpses of its glory, rainbows and uprising mist making it a photographers paradise.  

On the road to Wallaman Falls, Cassowaries can be regulary spotted walking along the sides of the road, quite often with chicks during breeding season.